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Fuck mosh pits! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Anti-mosh pits

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I'm going to make a shirt that says Do NOT mosh the non-moshers. We don't like you. [Dec. 19th, 2004|06:01 pm]
Anti-mosh pits


Yes I don't understand the point of slamming yourself into each other. I just don't get it. But anywho, an experience of mine happened not last Saturday but the Saturday before that. I was at my second home, aka the all ages club where all the local bands play. And I was enjoying a set and there was this guy who had came the weekend before and I call him the boob smasher cuz he kept going through the crowd who was not moshing and he was just short enough to always smash into my boobs! So anywho, that night as I'm standing there, I think it was him, he came from behind me and all of a sudden it was like I had no control over myself and it was like the freakin domino effect and not only did I bust up my knee on the concrete floor but I landed on this poor boy who couldn't have been more then 8 years old. I felt so bad for him. So when we finally move out of there way, and they have the whole freakin place to themselves now. All 5 of the freakin idiots. One guy leaps up into the air behind a group of people by the stage who ARE NOT moshing and lands ON TOP of them! On they're freakin heads!! If he had broken someones neck, he would've been in so much shit! So these 2 guys who I later found out work there as security get him and are in his face and they pull him out of the crowd and out of the room and this whole group follows. But they came back in and the 2 security guys were in the circle on the inside of the moshpit and the bigger guy who was like a black vin diesel stood right beside me and I was like Thank you jesus! haha! So anywho I had a painful bruise on my knee for about 2 weeks, but the next week I got to punch a guy in the head who moshed into me. I didn't mean to do it but it felt good anyways hehehe.